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Musical education is essential for the younger generation. Studies show that a child's cognitive, motivational, and communication skills are more highly developed after exposure to musical training. Children who play a musical instrument such as the piano show improved academic performance overall.

We have for many years specialized in the construction of Pianos for the Tropics and countries where extreme climatic conditions prevail, and are in a position to supply instruments that will not only withstand the effects of extreme humidity and heat, but will also remain in tune for lengthy periods.

The Robinson Upright Pianos are available in different sizes to suit your need and space constraints. When performance is not to be compromised but the available space cannot accommodate a grand piano, the upright-grand models RU.131 and RU.126 will be an appropriate substitute.

For even more limited space, models RU.118 and RU.112 still offer extraordinary sound and touch. The case is of modern construction, making them more affordable than ever.


The mechanism is wellknown for its smoothness and response. This action and keyboard is capable of enabling the fastest repetition of successive notes, and produces the same results in the treble as in the bass. Furthermore, this action is construced with hammers of finest quality felts and full weight which continue to serve for a life time.


This high standard cast iron frame is specially patterned to withstand an average tension of about 150 kg. per each string. This frame has almost twice the strength of those fitted to the average piano.


The Wrestpins and Strings are the production of the best quality manufacturers. The piano strings are held in firm contact with Tuning pins hammered into exceedingly solid Wrestplank, the last touches are however completely done by hand.


All solid spruce is used in construction of ROBINSON resonant soundboards. All timbers are perfected, close grained, exposecd for years to wind and sun, and selected by experienced technicians. Following special drying Kilns the soundboards are then coated with a moisture proofvarnish which renders them suitable for all climatic conditions. The Pin Block of Wrestplanks, Belly Bars and other important parts of the pianos are manufactured according to the same principles as the soundboards.

FURNITURE Ebonized or Selected Collection veneer.
Quarter-sawn poplar corewood crossbanded and face veneered.
SOLIDS Ebonized birch, Mahogany, Walnut
LEGS Ebonized mahogany, Mahogany, Walnut veneer over birch.
FINISH Heavy full-bodied black or clear lacquer; completely hand-rubbed
HARDWARE Solid brass; polished & lacquered.

HEIGHT 112/118 cm
WIDTH 147 cm
DEPTH 56 cm



HEIGHT 126/131 cm
WIDTH 149 cm
DEPTH 61 cm