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Robinson Piano Co.,(Siam) Ltd.
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Available Models

Grand Pianos Ebonized High Polish.

Model D-274 Model C-227 Model B-211 Model A-188 Model O-180 Model M-170 Model S-155

Upright Pianos Ebonized High Polish.

Model K-132 Model V-125


Model B-211 The Opal
Kewazinga Bubinga High Polish.
Model A-188 The Ruby
Macassar Ebony Satin
Model M-170 The Aquamarine
Ice Birch High Polish.

K-132 The Topaz, Pommele Mahogany
M-170 The Jasper, Bulr Walnut
are also available.

Victorian style, The William E. Steinway
Limited Edition. (Model B-211)
The John Lennon "Imagine"
Limited Edition. (Model M-170)
THE S.L.ED designed by Karl Lagerfeld
Limited Edition. (Model A-188)


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